My 2020 holiday mood board

Bugalow Christmas Table

We (and many others) started decorating for Christmas much earlier than usual this year. I think because of all of the craziness of COVID-19 we simply need an extra dose of happiness and we’re ready to get into the Christmas spirit (and wine) early. I could definitely feel the excitement in the air when already in November some neighbors had their Christmas lights on. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, because decorating is a joy in itself, but also because it’s a creative holiday, a time where you can’t help but smile and be happy.

Start of December I set out a day for Christmas shopping. On the 5th of December I woke up early and excited, head on over with my bestie to grab a healthy breakfast at my favorite place and then proceeded to check out all of the biggest retailers and brands that Fyn has to offer. By 15.00 we were done, disappointed and barely anything in our hands.

What happened to Christmas decorations this year? Plantorama was the first destination on the list because they usually do Christmas so well. You almost have to set a day just to explore their Christmas showroom because it’s so beautifully made. However this year I was completely disappointed not only by the variety, but also range and collections displayed. I could not pick out one item which I wanted to have and I was missing so many essentials. Next we moved to ILVA, knowing that they are definitely more expensive, but willing to spend more for the right items. Once again, their showroom was bare and uninspired. The city center provided a bit more inspiration, with Søstrene Grene standing out with some unique items. You can tell they put thought into curating their Christmas selection and some of the items were absolutely lovely. I know there’s a lot more variety online, but call me old-fashioned, I still like to have the in-store experience, especially for Christmas.

Came home frustrated and hungry for inspiration, so I wanted to share with you my take on Christmas and the styles I would have loved to see more of in shops in Odense this year. If you have more inspiration, please share with me and I hope you enjoy the themes I made.

// 1. Paper ornaments by Bloomingville // 2. Mistletoe wreath by House Doctor // 3. Venok Christmas star by Broste Copenhagen // 4. Faux Feather Baubles by Bloomingville // Interior pictures by Nordic Collective & Bloomingville
// 1. Embellished Baubles by Bloomingville // 2. Shimla Atlantic Cushion Cover by Bungalow // 3. Paper Star Moonlight Gold by Bungalow // 4. Hangign Metal Ornament by Madam Stoltz // 5. Glass Votive by Bloomingville // 6. Square Cushion Cover In Kollam Salsa by Bungalow // 7. Embellished Baubles by Bloomingville // Interior pictures by Bungalow
// 1. El Corazon Ornament by Liberty London // 2. Anna Inspired Vogue Christmas Decoration by Rockett St George // 3. Gold Naughty Gnome by Rockett St George // 4. Mexican Wrestlers by The Gifted Few // 5. Travel Suitcase Bauble by Søstrene Grene // 6. Multi-Coloured Chevron Stripe Bauble by Fortnum and Mason // 7. Chill Pill Ornament by Cody Foster and Co. // 8. Kitsch Christmas Wreath by Mollie Makes // 9. Grandma Wolf Hanging Decoration by Mollie and Fred // Interior pictures by Søstrene Grene & John Lewis