The 100 Day Project Image source: Elle Luna - The great discontent

In April this year I embarked on #The100DayProject and chose photography (mostly self-photography) as my medium The #100DayProject is a free, worldwide art project. It’s super simple. You show up every day for 100 days and explore your creativity, typically under a theme that lasts for the whole project (think: 100 days of drawing dogs; 100 days of painting mandalas etc.).

It all started because I felt I was moving further and further away from any creative endeavours in my life and honestly was quite down about it, questioning my existence and place in this world…all the good stuff.  So I made a very simple mind shift, I set completely unreasonable goals, as I usually do – and my goal was to take one photo each day. Easy, right? Well I didn’t take into consideration the prep work that goes before taking a photo, getting the light right, coming up with a concept and post-processing. Also didn’t take into account I have a very demanding job, which I love, and a passion for fitness. Either way, I finished –much much later, past the deadline and had a small break for my holiday. But I fucking finished and I learned so many things in the process and I got my thirst for creativity back.

I tried to capture different sides of myself, a lot I don’t actually share with most of the outside world and above all I had fun with it. So here it is, mostly 100 days of me. Let me know what you think, would love to hear some feedback, thoughts and ideas for my next project? Will go considerably down next time, let’s say #30dayschallenge

If you’d like to find more direction, community, and interviews to inspire your project, check out the100dayproject.org

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