Time for dinner. Good food = Good mood

Irina with Gaia food boxes Foodie self-portrait

I’m not particularly fond of cooking. For me it’s not necessarily an activity that brings me joy, but boy do I love eating. I admit I am one of those annoying folks that photographs their food. I do it in shame, yes, just like taking that plane picture at the airport when travelling, but I still do it.

I’m also a busy person. Life is beautiful, short and long at the same time and I want to fill it with as many activities and experiences as I can. I go to work until 16.30, after which I go to the gym for an hour, get home, take a shower, go for a walk with the dogs and then am I supposed to find the energy to cook healthy food? “Not today, Satan” – is what I end up telling myself as I look into the depths of my fridge. I want dinner ready, waiting for me at home, preferably served by a buff, naked chef covered in coconut oil (obviously that was pre-vetted and approved by husband). Or I’ll just settle for the healthy and ready part. So now we’re getting closer to pretty cool service I found, quite randomly, in my ads on Instagram: Gaia Madservice, ready-made plant-based meals delivered directly to your door. No, this is not an ad. This is me having fallen in love with this company. I have been testing it out all week. I ordered five meals for every dinner this week and I’ve loved (almost) all of them. I’ve also already purchased my second box.

What I love about this service:

  • It’s plant-based and made with quality ingredients
  • It’s ready-made, I only have to heat it up
  • It’s affordable, which is a big plus

What could be improved:

  • I would love it if the had the kcal on the box (maybe they do actually, I should double-check) – they actually have all of the information on the website; would be nice to get the kcal on the box as well though
  • Some ingredients can get watery – least favourite meal was the lentil with squash
  • Would love more spices; it is vegan food so you can easily crank it up with the flavour

Alright, that’s all the time we have for today folks. Feels great to write again – might do it again in a year or so and I have this extra time because guess what, I didn’t have to cook tonight. I had a delicious ready-made buddha bowl and life is great. See you!

Vegan squash with lentils
Flowers not included, just did to get this glamorous shot
All my dinners for a week
Holding a food box
Vegan lasagna
This was my favorite: Tæmpeh Lasagne

Last meal on Friday: Barbecue skewers with BBQ Tempeh & Garlic oil and it was delicious. Will order this again