Formland Spring 2019

Made it last week to the Formland fair in Herning. Arrived about an hour earlier before the opening and was immediately disappointed they wouldn’t let us access the cafeteria – instead they brought out watered-down coffee in jugs. Not a great start, but nothing can take away from the excitement of being at a fair, experiencing beautiful Danish design and taking beautiful pictures.  Oh wait, photography isn’t allowed. I don’t understand this, especially coming from Maison et Objet not just two weeks ago, where you can document and take pictures freely of absolutely everything.

Overall impression – seemed much smaller than last year. Managed to do the entire fair twice in one day, in heels. Perhaps because it wasn’t all that exciting, and people were very aggressive about photography. Below some pictures from the fair – I really loved the color combinations though, yellow and green, burnt orange and terracotta and velvet on everything.