Copenhagen through 3daysofdesign

3daysofdesign 2017

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit for the first time the 3daysofdesign event in Copenhagen. If you’re not familiar with the event, it is a unique collaboration between top design companies and designers; there are a lot of events, product launches, exhibitions and design talks. For 3 days Copenhagen becomes the center of the interior design world. It was a different way of exploring the city – with a map in one hand and a camera in the other, Copenhagen unraveled before me one designer store at a time.

Have you had a chance to see it? If yes, what was your favorite part?


Towards the end I decided to cross off my list visiting Christiania for the first time – it’s one of the fist things you hear in any starter conversation about Copenhagen. That forbidden place, a village inside a city, that’s free of rules and art is everywhere. It’s foolishly romantic to see this place for more than a hippie settlement in a junkyard. The only good view in there is the lake, and even that place is dirty and poorly kept.

However it does have an interesting story behind it, and if for no reason other than curiosity, I do recommend you include it in your itinerary next time you’re in Copenhagen.

Freetown Christiania